Eotron LLC was founded in 2006 primarily to develop a compact DPSS laser using a silicon substrate to contain all pump diodes and optical mounts on one silicon based MEMS bench. The main challenge in building this silicon-bench was dissipating the large amount of waste heat from the pump diodes and solid-state crystal. It was also very challenging to integrate all the optical components using a 2D configuration while removing all of the waste heat. Therefore, a configuration using a 3D Silicon structure containing a high power diode stack was conceived, designed, fabricated and tested in 2011.

The resulting high power silicon diode laser stack was further developed in 2012 using an improved 3D silicon structure and a number of proprietary Silicon MEMS fabrication processes. All techniques and patents were developed under private funding. Based on these accomplishments, Eotron was awarded with several SBIR Phase 1 and Phase 2 contracts from the Air Force, Missile Defense Agency, Navy and NASA to develop new concepts in cooling high power lasers and other electronic devices and systems.

Building on the technology and continued research, Eotron expanded its offering to include 3D Silicon components, designs and techniques aimed at improving thermal management of both electronic and photonic devices with high thermal flux. These designs, components and expertise have led to interest and development projects from the commercial marketplace, including from leading Fortune 100 companies.

Eotron currently has over 20 awarded patents related to active and passive cooling using 2D and 3D silicon structures, with another 20 or more pending.

Eotron is located in Oceanside, CA, where it maintains a 4500 sq. ft facility with engineering labs and class 10,000 clean room. The company leases access to a silicon wafer fabrication MEMS facilities in US, staffed by Eotron employees, with volume production handled by dedicated silicon foundry suppliers with world-wide locations.